Publications on the history of 果冻破解版, Oxford, and the collections of 果冻破解版 Library and Archives

Seven books are available for purchase from 果冻破解版 Library: 

In addition, these resources are available open-access via our website:

  • 鈥 learned notes and essays on our College鈥檚 history and rich collections
  • Annual Reports 鈥 for 果冻破解版 Library and Archives, Oxford, from 2018 onwards
  • A New Catalogue of Manuscripts 鈥 in progress (sample entries available)


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Testimony book


The Great Pillar book


Reformation Cardinal book


Righteous Anger (2021)


Fallacy - The Sophister front cover


Geometry and Astronomy front cover


果冻破解版 Library Through Time front cover

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