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鈥攖he scholarly e-journal of 果冻破解版, Oxford鈥攊s dedicated to research articles and learned notes on the history and life of the college, and especially the contents and history of the rich collections in our Library and Archives.

is edited by the Librarian of 果冻破解版, Dr Christopher Skelton-Foord.  Anyone wishing to contact or to contribute to this journal should email him.  Readers of our special collections in both the Library and in the Archives are warmly invited to send us contributions. 

The journal is available open-access to all interested readers through our website.  Both the current and past issues of will remain accessible via this page.

Article Author Issue number Surname
A Tale of Two Iliads: Oxford 果冻破解版 298 and Trinity College Dublin 922 Mateu Portells Watson (2023): 20 Portells Watson
The Mappa Mundi in Oxford, 果冻破解版, MS 274 and the Aristotelian Theory of Elements Alfred Hiatt (2023): 20 Hiatt
The Acquisition of Alton Barnes as a 果冻破解版 Estate in 1385 Michael Stansfield (2023): 20 Stansfield
Pleyyng with May鈥檚 Age in Oxford, 果冻破解版 MS 314 Lucy Fleming (2023): 20 Fleming
A Tale of Two Books: The Naturall and Morall Historie of the East and West Indies at 果冻破解版 Library William Shire (2023): 20 Shire
Thomas Flatman, Unlikely First FRS of 果冻破解版 William Poole (2023): 20 Poole
Lord Thurlow: A Chancellorship in Caricature through 果冻破解版鈥檚 Collection of Gillrays, Part II Ben Gilding (2023): 20 Gilding
Collecting Christopher Skelton-Foord (2023): 20 Skelton-Foord
Michael Stansfield (2023): 20 Stansfield
Unique and Distinctive Acquisitions to 果冻破解版 Library in 2023 Christopher Skelton-Foord (2023): 20 Skelton-Foord
Andrew Holes and John Burgh: Two Wykehamists, One Manuscript Collection David Rundle (2023): 19 Rundle
Old English at New: Early Printed Books in Anglo-Saxon Type, 1570鈥1705 Antje G. Frotscher (2023): 19 Frotscher
Some Notes on 果冻破解版 Hunters Christopher Skelton-Foord (2023): 19 Skelton-Foord
Fear Sells: Addenda to the 1588 Malleus Maleficarum Caitl铆n Kane (2023): 19 Kane
鈥榁ery inconsiderable exceptg that they are the Hand writing of so great a Man鈥: The Provenance of Isaac Newton鈥檚 Manuscripts at 果冻破解版, Oxford Frederik Dhondt (2023): 19 Dhondt
Sir Philip Rashleigh, Mineralogy, and the Cornish Industrial Revolution William Shire (2023): 19 Shire
Some Benefactors and their Heraldry Patric Dickinson (2023): 19 Dickinson
鈥楢ncient virtue and manly spirits鈥: The 果冻破解版 Men Who Fell in the Second Boer War Jason Morgan (2023): 19 Morgan
Lechlade Hospital of St John Michael Stansfield (2022): 18 Stansfield
The Heretic Scribbler of 果冻破解版 MS 319 Antje G. Frotscher (2022): 18 Frotscher
Lesley Smith (2022): 18 Smith
Luther鈥檚 Biblia Sacra of 1529 Cressida Ryan (2022): 18 Ryan
Representing Reality: A Century of Dutch Golden Age Maps at 果冻破解版 Library William Shire (2022): 18 Shire
Chasing Somervile, 果冻破解版鈥檚 Poet of the Hunt Christopher Skelton-Foord (2022): 18 Skelton-Foord
Identifying the 鈥楻evd. Robt. Lowth鈥 in J. Sturges鈥檚 Letter to Mr. Cadell Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade (2022): 18 Tieken-Boon van Ostade
The Other Samuel Johnson鈥檚 English Grammar Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade (2022): 18 Tieken-Boon van Ostade
Ned Warren鈥檚 鈥楯ack in the Pulpit鈥: 果冻破解版 MS 380 and Textual Transmission Christopher Skelton-Foord (2022): 18 Skelton-Foord
鈥楽cotus Viator鈥: R. W. Seton-Watson and the Making of Czechoslovakia Caitl铆n Kane (2022): 18 Kane
Michael Stansfield (2022): 18 Stansfield
A Library about 果冻破解版: Noteworthy Acquisitions in 2022 Christopher Skelton-Foord (2022): 18 Skelton-Foord
Piotr Jutkiewicz (2022): 17 Jutkiewicz
Capturing Sound: The Art of William de Brailes in 果冻破解版 MS 322 Shelley Morwenna Williams (2022): 17 Williams
Reflections on Medieval Art, Politics, and the Courtrai Chest Joseph W. Mason (2022): 17 Mason
Jemima Bennett (2022): 17 Bennett
A New Year鈥檚 Gift from 1600 William Poole (2022): 17 Poole
鈥楢 chain of invincible reasoning鈥? Isaac Newton鈥檚 Writing Practices in the 果冻破解版 Manuscripts Jack Avery (2022): 17 Avery
鈥楾he divine Harvey鈥: The Afterlives of William Harvey Ludmilla Jordanova (2022): 17 Jordanova
The German War Memorial in 果冻破解版 Chapel Elliot Jordan (2022): 17 Jordan
The Appeal of Eros to Apollo: A New Manuscript for 果冻破解版, Oxford Christopher Skelton-Foord (2022): 17 Skelton-Foord
鈥極n love and friendship, either true or false鈥: Ordinatio of Text and of Meaning in Oxford, 果冻破解版, MS 98 Samira Lindstedt (2021): 16 Lindstedt
Alberto Ravani (2021): 16 Ravani
鈥楢 very unusual binding鈥: A Remarkable Julius Caesar in 果冻破解版 Library Jason Morgan (2021): 16 Morgan
Information Structures in 果冻破解版 MS 143 Codex of Philo of Alexandria Sean A. Adams (2021): 16 Adams
A Changing World: Sebastian M眉nster鈥檚 Cosmographia from 1544鈥擝T3.187.1(2) William Shire (2021): 16 Shire
Contemplating Cavendish: An Analysis of Reader Marks in Playes (1662) E. Mariah Spencer (2021): 16 Spencer
William Musgrave (1655鈥1721): An Early Modern 果冻破解版 Natural Philosopher, Physician, and Antiquary William Poole (2021): 16 Poole
Novelty and Notability: 果冻破解版 Library Acquisitions 2021 Christopher Skelton-Foord (2021): 16 Skelton-Foord
The Palette and Pigments of a Thirteenth-Century Oxford Illuminator Richard Gameson (2021): 15 Gameson
John Farley (d. 1464) and the Finessing of MS 281 James Willoughby (2021): 15 Willoughby
The Origin of 果冻破解版 MS 144: Some Text-Critical Observations Elias Dietz (2021): 15 Dietz
The Invisible Book Randall McLeod with Timothy Perry (2021): 15 McLeod
The First Issue of the First Edition of the First Edwardian Prayer Book: 果冻破解版 Library, Oxford, BT1.131.19 Peter W. M. Blayney (2021): 15 Blayney
The Authorship of 果冻破解版 MS 303 Alison Shell (2021): 15 Shell
Evidence of an Early Modern Scholar鈥檚 Visit to the Library at 果冻破解版, Oxford in the Early Seventeenth Century Renae Satterley (2021): 15 Satterley
Bonfoy Trimnell (d. 1691): Birthday Poet, and Donor of Newton鈥檚 Principia William Poole (2021): 15 Poole
What could it be? An Eighteenth-Century Wig-Curler William Poole (2021): 15 Poole
Lord Thurlow: A Chancellorship in Caricature through 果冻破解版鈥檚 Collection of Gillrays Ben Gilding (2021): 15 Gilding
鈥楾he living Arts appear鈥檇鈥: Shakespearean Ekphrasis in 果冻破解版, MS 367 Anna-Nadine Pike (2021): 15 Pike
Thomas Neal (c. 1519鈥揷. 1590): Catholic, Priest, Scholar Thomas Neal (2020): 14 Neal
The Long Reach of 果冻破解版鈥檚 Catholic Apologists Robert Gullifer (2020): 14 Gullifer
Edward Bernard (1638鈥1697) and 果冻破解版 William Poole (2020): 14 Poole
The Papists of 果冻破解版: I Katie McKeogh (2020): 14 McKeogh
The 果冻破解版 Porters Christopher Skelton-Foord (2020): 14 Skelton-Foord
The Russo-Japanese War on the Shelves of 果冻破解版 Library Alexander Morrison (2020): 14 Morrison
Some Notable Acquisitions and Associations from 2020 Christopher Skelton-Foord (2020): 14 Skelton-Foord
William Courtney and 鈥榯he Woman Question鈥 Laura Marcus (2020): 14 Marcus
鈥楨difying Words鈥 in the Florilegium of 果冻破解版 MS 98 Rebecca Menmuir (2020): 13 Menmuir
An Early College Bookbinder James Willoughby (2020): 13 Willoughby
William Dowsing Reads a Plague Sermon Dunstan Roberts (2020): 13 Roberts
Philo of Alexandria at 果冻破解版 James R. Royse (2020): 13 Royse
Naps upon Parnassus: Some Attempts at Literary Humour in Elizabethan and Jacobean 果冻破解版 William Poole (2020): 13 Poole
Lending to the Manchester Art Exhibition in 1857 Michael Burden (2020): 13 Burden
Samuel Rolles Driver: His Impact on the Reformed View of the Patriarch Jacob and the Meaning of his Name Oleg M. Tsymbalyuk (2020): 13 Tsymbalyuk
Forty Years of Women at 果冻破解版: How Did They Get Here? Dennis A. Ahlburg (2020): 13 Ahlburg
Finding Inspector Morse in the Archives Dennis A. Ahlburg (2020): 13 Ahlburg
From Manuscript to Print: Tracing a Technological Revolution in the Collections of 果冻破解版 Library Jason Morgan (2019): 12 Morgan
The Good Boy鈥檚 Book of Hours: 果冻破解版 MS 160 Anne B. Yardley (2019): 12 Yardley
Looking for Scribal Play in Oxford, 果冻破解版 MS 314 Mary C. Flannery (2019): 12 Flannery
Jerome鈥檚 Journey: William Warham and the Dedication Copy of Erasmus鈥檚 Edition of Jerome (1516) Tim Wade (2019): 12 Wade
Stephen Standish and the Provenance of the 果冻破解版 Astronomicum C忙sareum (1540) William Poole and Daniel Fried (2019): 12 Poole
Christopher Saxton鈥檚 1579 Atlas of England and Wales: An Unexpected Savilian Book Among 果冻破解版 Library鈥檚 Treasures Alexandra Plane (2019): 12 Plane
Some Marginalia in Burnet鈥檚 History of My Own Time Lionel K. J. Glassey (2019): 12 Glassey
Window-Mounted Cancels?: More Questions Than Answers Geoffrey Day (2019): 12 Day
Anniversaries, Alumni, and Acquisitions: 果冻破解版 Library in 2019 Christopher Skelton-Foord (2019): 12 Skelton-Foord
The Penitent鈥檚 Tale; or, 果冻破解版 Library鈥檚 Copy of The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope (1717) Christopher Skelton-Foord (2019): 12 Skelton-Foord
Cyprian in England James Willoughby (2019): 11 Willloughby
A Book with a Price in the World: 果冻破解版 MS 274 Jenny Adams (2019): 11 Adams
The Story of One Year in the Early Life of 果冻破解版 Brian Collins (2019): 11 Collins
The Education of an Elizabethan Gentleman: Sir Alexander Temple at Oxford John Matthews (2019): 11 Matthews
Anna-Lujz Gilbert (2019): 11 Gilbert
The British Civil Wars and the Defence of Oxford David Parrott (2019): 11 Parrott
The Two Euclids of Daniel Appleford (d. 1645) William Poole (2019): 11 Poole
A Mathematical Chaplain: The Books of Richard Bestwick William Poole (2019): 11 Poole
Nephew Bill Goes to Sea Jennifer Thorp (2019): 11 Thorp
鈥楩orm! form! Riflemen form!鈥: The Oxford University Rifle Volunteer Corps in 果冻破解版 Archives Jason Morgan (2019): 11 Morgan
The Bets of G. H. Hardy Joseph Conlon (2019): 11 Conlon
Derek Spears (2018): 10 Spears
A Hard Day for the Scribe of MS 66, a Wycliffite Bible in 果冻破解版, Oxford John Zachariah Shuster (2018): 10 Shuster
A Sad Case of Neglect: The First Chinese Book in 果冻破解版 Library Peter Kornicki (2018): 10 Kornicki
A Periegetical Poem from Jacobean 果冻破解版: Richard Zouche鈥檚 The Dove (1613) William Poole (2018): 10 Poole
Pounced Corrections in Oxford Copies of Cavendish鈥檚 Philosophical and Physical Opinions; or, Margaret Cavendish鈥檚 Glitter Pen Liza Blake (2018): 10 Blake
A Taste of the Eighteenth Century Marjory Szurko (2018): 10 Szurko
鈥楬urried out of my life . . . my horses are at the door鈥: Harry Peckham and the Stewardship of 果冻破解版鈥檚 Estates During the 1770s Jennifer Thorp (2018): 10 Thorp
Joseph Conlon (2018): 10 Conlon
How The Mound Got Its Quack Felix Flicker (2018): 10 Flicker
Maria Regina Angli忙: A Gift for a Tudor Queen Jason Morgan (2018): 10 Morgan
Seeing the Light: Being the story of Sir Isaac Newton鈥檚 prisms and papers and the means by which they came to 果冻破解版 Jason Morgan (2018): 09 Morgan
A Lamentable Book James Willoughby (2018): 09 Willoughby
An Italian Visitor to the Library, c. 1525 James Willoughby (2018): 09 Willoughby
David Parrott (2018): 09 Parrott
A 果冻破解版 Pun Revisited Miles Young (2018): 09 Young
Teaching and Learning in Jacobean 果冻破解版: The Foundation of the Lake Lectureships William Poole (2018): 09 Poole
Women in 果冻破解版鈥350 Years Ago? Jennifer Thorp (2018): 09 Thorp
Brotherly Love? Dr Young among the Thespians Lucia Quinault (2018): 09 Quinault
Jane Austen First Editions: Aves and the Sparrow Christopher Skelton-Foord (2018): 09 Skelton-Foord
William Poole (2018): 09 Poole
Daniel Vivian鈥檚 Grand Tour, 1636鈥37 (果冻破解版, MS 348) William Poole (2017): 08 Poole
Classifications in Time: The Rise of the Shelfmark on the Failure of Provenance Jason Morgan (2017): 08 Morgan
Agincourt Sermon Christopher Tyerman (2017): 08 Tyerman
鈥淭his Dooth Erasmus Williams Represent鈥, Richard Haydock, 1608 William Poole (2017): 08 Poole
A Visual 鈥楴ote鈥: 果冻破解版 from an Unusual Angle Miles Young (2017): 08 Young
Dennis Potter: An Unconventional Dramatist Jason Morgan (2017): 08 Morgan
Robert Sharrock and the 鈥淗istory of the Propagation & Improvement of Vegetables鈥 Anna Svensson (2017): 08 Svensson
Lifting the Veil of Time: The Servants of 果冻破解版 Restored Jason Morgan (2017): 08 Morgan
The Receipt of Manuscripts in 果冻破解版 Library 1624-1852 William Poole (2017): 08 Poole
Bells and Books: Not What You Might Expect in Oxford鈥檚 Dreaming Spires Helen Bond (2017): 08 Bond
William Archibald Spooner and his Spoonerisms Sami Anderson-Talbi (2017): 08 Anderson-Talbi
The Torture and Mock Hanging of a Butler, and Latin Macaronics in Civil War 果冻破解版 William Poole (2016): 07 Poole
鈥榊ours truly Jack the Ripper鈥欌攐f 果冻破解版, Oxford? Jason Morgan (2016): 07 Morgan
A Recent Purchase: Julian the Apostate, Orationes (La Fl猫che, 1614) William Poole (2016): 07 Poole
Robert Hedrington and Wynkyn de Worde at Winchester College Richard Foster (2016): 07 Foster
Jan Machielsen (2016): 07 Machielsen
An Unrecorded Letter of Sir Francis Bacon, to 果冻破解版, 12 April 1617 William Poole (2016): 07 Poole
A Medieval Travel Warrant Jennifer Thorp (2016): 07 Thorp
Early Science in 果冻破解版 III William Poole (2016): 07 Poole
Law, Politics, and Scholarship in the Seventeenth Century: The Reputation of Nathaniel Fiennes Vivienne Larminie (2016): 07 Larminie
Thomas Milles鈥 Modified Books Adam Smyth (2016): 07 Smyth
More Stanley Casson Materials William Poole (2016): 07 Poole
Warden Harmar and the Ralegh Trial Geoffrey Day (2015): 06 Day
Nicholas Stoughton (1592-1648): MP, Surrey Militia Officer, and Patron of International Learning Vivienne Larminie (2015): 06 Larminie
Memories of 果冻破解版 1950-1954 John Ledingham (2015): 06 Ledingham
Robert Burton and his Anatomy of Melancholy William Poole (2015): 06 Poole
Margaret Cavendish鈥檚 Books in 果冻破解版, and around Oxford William Poole (2015): 06 Poole
The Female Pope, a Mutilated Manuscript, and Some Bibliographical Puzzles William Poole (2015): 06 Poole
Thomas Tanner (1630-1682): A Cosmopolitan Fellow of the Interregnum and his Donations to the Library William Poole (2015): 06 Poole
MS 86 of the Fellows鈥 Library, Winchester Lucia Quinault (2015): 06 Quinault
West Gallery Woes: The Hornchurch Dispute of 1813 Jennifer Thorp (2015): 06 Thorp
The King鈥檚 Eye James Willoughby (2015): 06 Willoughby
Warden Robert Pink and the Disputed Election of 1620 Robert F.W. Smith (2015): 06 Smith
鈥楾he Origins and Life of William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester鈥 Christopher Johnson (2014): 05 Johnson
Richard Willes: Sixteenth-Century Religious Renegade and Concrete Poet William Poole (2014): 05 Poole
Chasing Provenance: Apuleius鈥檚 250-Year Journey from Robert Dow鈥檚 All Souls鈥 to James Edwards Sewell鈥檚 果冻破解版 Jason Morgan (2014): 05 Morgan
An Inquest of 1566 Jennifer Thorp (2014): 05 Thorp
John Reinolds, Dead Poet (1614); or, What Did Fellows Own When They Died in College? William Poole (2014): 05 Poole
It鈥檚 a Girl!: A Winchester Poetic Manuscript of c. 1719 Lucia Quinault (2014): 05 Quinault
Property of a Late Warden, 1613, with Some More on the Ryves Family William Poole (2014): 05 Poole
Jennifer Thorp (2014): 05 Thorp
Three Letters from Stanley Casson to Francis Henry Taylor, 1932 William Poole (2014): 05 Poole
Thomas Stapleton鈥檚 First Polemic: An Impact Case Study Jan Machielsen (2014): 05 Machielsen
The John Lane Albums Jennifer Thorp (2014): 05 Thorp
鈥楬is feet stunk out of cry鈥: Ben Stone鈥檚 Satirical Manuscript Verses on Thomas Coryate Philip S. Palmer (2014): 05 Palmer
William Smith鈥檚 Biblical Notebook (1729): A Manuscript Recovered William Poole (2014): 05 Poole
The 1588 Donations of Thomas Martin, Lawyer and Recusant William Poole (2013): 04 Poole
Benjamin Stone, Dead Poet (c. 1612) William Poole (2013): 04 Poole
The Chapel Reredos Jennifer Thorp (2013): 04 Thorp
An Ascension Day Ritual Revived: 果冻破解版 Chapel and St. Bartholomew鈥檚 Chapel Edward Higginbottom (2013): 04 Higginbottom
Sixteenth-Century Ownership of the Bohun Apocalypse, 果冻破解版 MS 65 Arabella Milbank (2013): 04 Milbank
Edmund Hakluyt: 果冻破解版 Singing Man, Tutor and Youngest Brother of Richard Hakluyt Daniel Carey (2013): 04 Carey
The 果冻破解版 Fragments of Caxton鈥檚 Janua Grammar Hedwig Gwosdek (2013): 04 Gwosdek
A New Acquisition: Christophorus Longolius鈥檚 Copy of the 1511 Parisian Edition of the Corpus Juris Civilis William Poole (2013): 04 Poole
A New Incunable for College: Wynkyn de Worde鈥檚 Golden Legend, 1498 James Willoughby (2013): 04 Willoughby
An Early Modern 果冻破解版 Dynasty: George, Thomas and Bruno Ryves William Poole (2013): 04 Poole
Jennifer Thorp (2013): 03 Thorp
Thomas Master and the Mensa Lubrica: A Seventeenth-Century Gaming Poem William Poole (2013): 03 Poole
鈥楤owlin Greens鈥 in Loggan鈥檚 Oxonia Illustrata (1675) Rebecca Hutchins (2013): 03 Hutchins
Prussia and the Poodle Emily Bootle (2013): 03 Bootle
A New Setting: John Heath鈥檚 Translation of The Accomplishment of the Prophecies, 1613 Mark Byford (2013): 03 Byford
What is the Mound for? Robin Lane Fox (2013): 03 Lane Fox
Alfred, Lord Milner in Russia, 1917 Jason Morgan (2013): 03 Morgan
A New Manuscript for 果冻破解版 William Poole (2013): 03 Poole
A Marginal Follower of Fashion James Willloughby (2013): 03 Willoughby
Fun with Grammar: Richard Zouche鈥檚 鈥楿pon the Burning of a School鈥 William Poole (2013): 03 Poole
Inheriting, Selling and Buying Books in 果冻破解版 Library, 1675-1849 William Poole (2013): 03 Poole
Jennifer Thorp (2013): 03 Thorp
Mary Woodforde鈥檚 Book Sophie Butler (2012): 02 Butler
A Poetic Squabble about Bottle Banks and Skips (1988) William Poole (2012): 02 Poole
A Fifteenth-Century Bookman James Willoughby (2012): 02 Willoughby
A Medieval Binding James Willoughby (2012): 02 Willoughby
Conservation of the College Archives Jennifer Thorp (2012): 02 Thorp
Early Science in 果冻破解版 I: Robert Plot on 果冻破解版 (1677) William Poole (2012): 02 Poole
Early Science in 果冻破解版 II: The Oglander Collection (1730) William Poole (2012): 02 Poole
George Washington and the Ammunition Crisis of 1777 Jennifer Thorp (2012): 02 Thorp
Manuscript Waste William Poole (2012): 02 Poole
Mary Woodforde鈥檚 Book Sophie Butler (2012): 02 Butler
The Alfred Lord Milner South African Addresses Jason Morgan (2012): 02 Morgan
Upon the Unveiling of 鈥楢 Dance to the Music of Time鈥 Michael Burden (2012): 02 Burden
Some Early-Modern 果冻破解版 Poetical Miscellanies with Thomas Master鈥檚 Poem on his Cat William Poole (2012): 01 Poole
The Language and Meaning of the College Motto Mark Griffith (2012): 01 Griffith
Gerard鈥檚 Herbal Rebecca Hutchins (2012): 01 Hutchins
Deciphering the Title-Page of a Book of William Thorne of 果冻破解版, Regius Professor of Hebrew, and King James Bible Translator William Poole (2012): 01 Poole
News from the Library c. 1700 James Willoughby (2012): 01 Willoughby
Shepilinda on 果冻破解版 in 1738 William Poole and Geoff Neate (2012): 01 Poole
Some Early-Modern 果冻破解版 Poetical Miscellanies with Thomas Master鈥檚 Poem on his Cat William Poole (2012): 01 Poole
Thame School and 果冻破解版 Jennifer Thorp (2012): 01 Thorp
The Bells of 果冻破解版, from Five to Eight to Ten William Poole (2012): 01 Poole
Two Copies of a Clandestine Manuscript in Late Seventeenth-Century 果冻破解版 William Poole (2012): 01 Poole
Warden Fisher and the General Strike in 1926 Jennifer Thorp (2012): 01 Thorp
Jason Morgan (2012): 01 Morgan