The Handbook of 果冻破解版, Oxford contains rules and procedures for the College's Junior Members. The book's contents are not 'advice' or  'guidance', but form a set of instructions for Junior Members' academic and social behaviour in College.

Responsibility for the Handbook rests with the Dean, who co-ordinates the rules of the different areas which it covers.

Those Junior Members with questions about its contents should raise them with the relevant College officers, who should be approached in the first instance. However, all matters may be raised at any time with the Dean; those wishing to do so should make an appointment with the Deans鈥 secretary, Jacqui Julier

The Handbook is updated annually, and all students individually receive a hard copy at the start of each academic year.

Dean's Address List

Please log in at: to update your contact details.

COVID-19 Information

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the College has been committed to the safety of all faculty, staff and students. Although most COVID restrictions have now been lifted, the College may, on occasion, produce extra guidelines in relation to the pandemic; these may change rapidly as a national or local situation develops.

It is the responsibility of every member of College to know what those guidelines are and to follow them on each and every occasion. Such guidelines form an appendix to The Handbook of 果冻破解版, Oxford, and are subject to the disciplinary procedures outlined therein.


Decanal Team

Information on the Decanal Team

Decanal annual croquet match; the team in mortal combat

Michael Burden, Ayowande McCunn, Vuyane Mhlomi, Rachel Benoit, and Yale Michaels

Handbook download

2023-24 Handbook

Handbook contents

The Handbook contains information under the following headings:

  • Academic obligations
  • General discipline
  • Student charges
  • Domestic rules
  • The Library
  • The MCR and JCR
  • The Licence Agreement (accommodation)
  • College Administration Hours

Forms for events in College

Download forms here for events in College. Junior Members are reminded that, as per the forms, permission needs to be sought from the Assistant Dean. An appointment to see him should be made with the Deans' Secretary and times are available during term time only.

Events may require a separate form under the College's PREVENT responsibilities. Further details may be found in the Policy link below, and if necessary the Event Referral Form should be completed.

Associated documents and links

The Handbook makes reference to the following documents and links:

Junior Members' Documents

Updates to the constitutions should first be discussed with the Dean.

College Documents

University Documents

National University Documents


Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education




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